You can download the game and all its versions via the following links:

Note: In order to exit the game when not in the menu, use ALT+F4 (PC) or CMD+Q (Mac)

Oculus Rift Version (Windows PC):

Normal PC Version:

Normal Mac OSX Version:


Concept Art:

Basic Information:

Veridious is a First-Person Exploration Game, Heavily rooted in Science Fiction. It Takes Inspiration from the look and feel of the Farscape TV Franchise.

The game was made by a team of 8 in a senior level class at the University of Wisconsin Stout lead by Department of Design Chair Dave Beck. The project was developed in a classroom in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company, which served as a client of sorts.

Team members worked 8 hour days (and really a lot more!) to come up with a stand alone idea for Video Game, create a game design document/pitch document, and create a playable protoype in the span of two weeks.

This short, two level playable game, is the result of that hardwork and features fully Oculus Rift support!

Team Members:


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